Aaron “Mutt” Calderone grew up on his family farm in Sherrard, IL, where raising cattle and being in the fields was an around the clock operation.  No stranger to hard work, Aaron has watched his father and grandfather run the family business since he can remember, a business which he now runs today.  A 2008 graduate from Sherrard High School and standout football player, Aaron found success on the gridiron, but his passion was in the outdoors. 

Often looked upon as a regional expert in food plotting, Aaron’s knowledge of plant growth and understanding plant response to abiotic and biotic stress has made him the go-to source  for Mid-Western food plotting.  This knowledge coupled with his passion for being in the stand has made his trophy room legendary, often harvesting some of the highest scoring bucks in Illinois on a yearly basis.  He attributes his land management, as well as disciplined deer management techniques to being able to harvest mature bucks every year.  When Aaron is not farming or hunting, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Aaron lives in Sherrard, IL with his wife Kaitlyn and their daughter Jordyn.