1. This competition will start at first shooting light October 1, 2018 and conclude December 1, 2018 when legal shooting hours are over. Must be registered before competition begins.

  2. This is a bow only competition

  3. Entry fee will be $30.00 which will get each competitor an event T Shirt, a chance for raffles, and a meal ticket for the awards banquet. Click on the STORE in the upper right hand corner and you can pay online and get registered.

  4. Once a Buck is harvested each hunter will take 3 pictures. Picture-1-- Field picture of the hunter with the deer. Picture-2-- Close up of the rack. Picture 3-- Picture of the entry wound. These pictures will be sent private message to the Team Mercer County Facebook Page to get the buck entered. You will receive instruction once photos are submitted.

  5. There are no territory restrictions for this competition and all state and federal laws must be followed.

  6. Deer will be scored as gross total and be scored by a member of the Team Mercer County Staff the day of the banquet to determine the winner.